Opening Night Networking

Friday August 16, 6-9 PM

Speaker: Robin Gunkel, Grandmother Culture

Plenary Program

August 17

Opening Plenary

8:30 - 10:00 AM


Opening Keynote: Uvinie Lubecki, Leading Through Connection

Whole Group Interactive Welcome

Panel Discussion: Community Health from the Perspective of Bloom’s Themes
Panelists: Daisy Ozim, Will Kleidon, more TBA

  • This discussion will illustrate the collaborative approach we’ll be practicing together throughout the event. We will discuss individual health in the context of social and environmental systems, to catalyze our collective potential at this juncture of humanity.

Overview of Event Flow

  • Reminder of the different session formats available throughout the conference, and a rundown of the ongoing collaboration throughout the year to see our outcomes through to fruition.

Program Published to the Board

Group Song Making

Closing Plenary

4:30 - 5:30 PM

Wrap Up Reportbacks

  • Incubator Program
  • Open Space Sessions
  • Governance Hackathon

Closing Roundtable Discussion

Roundtable Report Backs

Closing Arts Jam

August 18

Opening Plenary

8:30 - 10:00 AM


Opening Keynote: Global Dashboards

  • Speaker will share a set of global dashboards maintained by different organizations to measure the health of the planet, its people and all life here. This will embrace both a UN perspective and an anti-colonial perspective. The goal of this keynote is to make sure delegates have common big-picture reference points and to support coherence in our ability to act together across different domains in a collaborative way. The speaker will also touch on the methodologies used to formulate and maintain these dashboards.

Panel Discussion: Measuring Social Change

  • This panel will discuss methods of measuring social change used by a variety of types of organizations and networks. Incubators, VC’s working in the social impact space, governmental organizations and grassroots communities.

Full Group Benchmarking Session:

  • All delegates will have the opportunity to share and analyze successful practices across multiple aspects of regenerative social change, as well as discuss what practices are not working and why. Together we will identify a matrix of best practices that can be used as benchmarks throughout the year to support initiatives toward greater regenerativity and effectiveness.

Closing Plenary

4:30 - 5:30 PM

Panel Discussion: The Business of Art in Regenerative Culture Work
Panelists: Janine Jordan, more TBA

  • Art plays a deep role in bringing new perceptions and emotional connectivity, as well as a fabric for people communicate with nature, our souls, and our communities. What role do artists play in regenerative culture work, and how can their contributions be recognized, valued and supported? Panelists might include a music industry professional, two indigenous artists from different Nations, a technologist or lawyer working on open copyright and blockchain automated rights management, and a visual designer familiar with agency work as well as grassroots arts activism.

Wrap Up Reportbacks

  • Incubator Program
  • Open Space Sessions
  • Governance Hackathon

Closing Roundtable Discussion

Roundtable Report Backs

Closing Keynote: Magenta Ceiba, Collaborative action at a local and global scale. A vision for the future to steer by.

Closing Ritual

Action Incubator

Bloom Action Incubator is an innovation and mobilization program for developing and finding regenerative culture solutions and practically implementing them together. It will start prior to Pollination and continue after it on a yearly cycle.

Through this program we will:

1-  Identify the innovation needs of a regenerative culture focus area and specific organizations within it, via online think tanks called “Inspiration Communities”.

2 – Facilitate face-to-face community ideation sessions to develop prototypes or identify existing solutions to these identified needs. This will promote cross-pollination of ideas from a range of diverse sources both within and outside of the key focus.

3 – Support the mobilization and implementation of innovations through direct application of the innovation in a particular organization or community, teaching others by highlighting best practice, or creating a particular output product or service, bringing ideas into action.

The Action Incubator will connect people and organizations currently working within each topic area, as well as experts from other areas who would like to contribute. It will be up to the people involved in each track to determine which solutions seem like the best collaborative focus. An incredible facilitation team is on board helping design the details of how this process will unfold.


1:15 - 3:15 PM Each Day

Is there a specific skill or training you would like to share with participants to increase their capacity and success? The registration survey will accept proposals. No pitches please.

Governance Hackathon

Bloom Network is functionally a decentralized, international cooperative. How we govern this is the subject of this hackathon. Today it is possible to run such a business, in a way that meshes with existing governments and industry sectors, as well as grassroots leadership.

How do local Bloom chapters make decisions about organizational resources in a way that supports healthy bioregional activity and an equitable economy for all? Who owns and manages Bloom Network as a brand? How are Bloom programs interwoven with other businesses and organizations, so that we support the ecosystem of regenerative activity as a whole? Finally, how are these governance decisions managed technically?

The hackathon will also feature participatory workshops to expose Pollination participants to technology tools that are available to facilitate decentralized organizations today, including blockchain applications and collective wisdom practices for making deeply informed decisions in groups.


A marketplace featuring regenerative solutions among Bloom’s 7 key focus areas: collective wisdom, global equity, community health, the creative arts, sustainable technology, peer-to-peer economy, and earth stewardship.

In the future:

The marketplace this year will be a miniature version of what we have planned for Pollination as it grows. Talented landscape architect Darpan Kalyani has crafted a honeycomb exhibition design to create an atmosphere of play and discovery. When we transition to a larger space, the exhibition will be open to the public so more people are exposed to regenerative solutions.

Similar to Burning Man’s Who What When Guide, the expo will host demonstrations, skillshares, and interactive happenings throughout the day, interspersed with lots of art. Imagine seeing an art installation about mushrooms used for medicine and toxic land repair, while hearing someone in the next booth talking about financing for renewable energy projects, and seeing a demonstration of restorative justice happening behind that. That is the honeycomb playground of regenerative innovation that we plan to instigate in all the cities that host Pollination!

Innovation Lab

Asset 2

Feeling inspired at the event? Want to stick your nose in a book by yourself for a bit?

The innovation lab is a place to drop away from the crowd and sit down to sketch out an idea or meet with a new collaborator to discuss possible futures. This room will be outfitted with meeting tables, post-its, markers, and inspirational materials.

It will also have a library of books written by speakers and participants. If you would like to include your book in the library, please bring it to the event, and include your contact info inside the front cover.

Healing Lounge

The healing lounge is a beautiful, relaxing, nourishing space. Healers curated by Jeff Bausemer of East Meets West Medicine Fest. You are also welcome to simply lounge here and be with your body, to integrate talks and new collaborations you’re experiencing.

The subject matter we’ll be addressing at this conference will be deep at times. If at any point you need support, please look for the “angels” who will be wearing special hats. They are safe people to talk with if you need someone to process with or receive a hug!

Specific healers will be posted here prior to the event. If there is something you or your community has been struggling with that you haven’t been sure how to find support for, please feel welcome to email us ahead of time and we’ll see if we can bring a practitioner here for you to connect with.


Sunday Evening Until 10pm

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