We are pleased to invite you to Bloom Network’s first annual conference, Pollination, to be held August 16-18, 2019 in San Francisco at Impact Hub.


Bloom is a positive social change collective focused on supporting and connecting regenerative culture makers. Pollination is the annual flagship gathering of Bloom Network. Bringing together regenerative culture leaders from around the world, Pollination is a three-day festival of cross-pollination and connection. We will activate the potential for positive change agents around the world to collaborate and increase the visibility of what’s happening in the regenerative culture community. Participants will collaborate on solutions to common problems, share ideas and resources, celebrate, play, heal, reflect and inspire each other.


Practical action towards a better world will continue throughout our year-long Bloom Action Incubator program which will commence at Pollination.


Bloom Network

At this time of planetary crisis, people are seeking community-oriented ways to nurture self, society and nature. While mainstream media continues to capitalize on climate disasters, terrorism, religious and resource wars, a vast global network of initiatives are enacting mature, proactive solutions now. Many of these solutions are emerging from small subcultures or siloed sectors, and there is tremendous potential in bringing them together for greater impact.  Like William Gibson once wrote, “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed”.


Bloom Network is a global organization founded to connect and support makers of regenerative culture, and to inspire people who want to “do something” but don’t know where to start. Our efforts are centered around 7 key topic focus areas: collective wisdom, global equity, community health, the creative arts, sustainable technology, peer-to-peer economy, and earth stewardship. We collaborate to share resources and ideas, to nurture people and the planet, to help restore healthy relationships and ecosystems. We also increase the visibility of what’s happening in the regenerative culture sphere so that the broader public can link into it and participate.

Local Bloom chapters all over the world host events and creative collaborations. Some of our core values are equitable resource sharing, decentralized leadership, and a felt sense of connection with the natural world and our shared humanity. We take care to create deeper awareness about oppression, to support autonomy and anti-colonialism as well as healing from our traumas. On the web, we practice radical creative possibilities of virtual connection. Together we creatively support each other’s potential and our collective capacity for love and respectful connection.

Every Pollination ticket comes with a one-year membership to Bloom Network, a minimum $60 value. This is because we will be using the online tools to collaborate and share resources leading up to the conference, and to facilitate deeper networking and action during and through it.

More information on our network and the membership inclusions can be found via our website – www.bloomnetwork.org.


Pollination – August 16-18, San Francisco


Pollination is the annual flagship gathering of Bloom Network.  Our first launch event to be held in San Francisco will form the beginning of a larger series we will roll out across Bloom chapters globally. The event will bring regenerative culture leaders together to collaborate on solutions to common problems, share ideas and resources, and inspire each other.


Over two days and one beautiful launch celebration evening, Pollination will feature:

  • Short seminars, break out sessions and think tanks, working together towards practical regenerative culture solutions through interactive and participatory discussion and visioning
  • The biggest annual face to face session of Bloom Action Incubator. This will form working groups to implement solutions during a year-long process after Pollination. The working groups will have support from our professional mentorship group comprised of experts in getting social good projects happening on the ground.
  • Collaborative networking of regenerative solutions among Bloom’s 7 key focus areas: collective wisdom, global equity, community health, the creative arts, sustainable technology, peer-to-peer economy, and earth stewardship
  • A hackathon of Bloom Network’s governance
  • Delicious, ethically and environmentally conscious food
  • Lots of fun and celebration, art and performance
  • Social functions and dinners to connect people
  • Healing sessions throughout the event
  • Each ticket comes with a year-long membership to Bloom Network including access to our online collaboration tools: ProFinda’s Global Change Collective, Bloom wiki, and discounted webinars for networking and education


Bloom Action Incubator


Bloom Action Incubator is an innovation and mobilization program for developing and finding regenerative culture solutions and practically implementing them on the ground. It will start prior to Pollination and continue after it on a yearly cycle.

Through this program we will:

1-  Identify the innovation needs of a regenerative culture focus area and specific organizations within it, via online think tanks called “Inspiration Communities”.

2 – Facilitate face-to-face community ideation sessions to develop prototypes or identify existing solutions to these identified needs. This will promote cross-pollination of ideas from a range of diverse sources both within and outside of the key focus.
3 – Support the mobilization and implementation of innovations through direct application of the innovation in a particular organization or community, teaching others by highlighting best practice, or creating a particular output product or service, bringing ideas into action.

The Action Incubator will connect people and organizations currently working within each topic area, as well as experts from other areas who would like to contribute. It will be up to the people involved in each track to determine which solutions seem like the best collaborative focus. An incredible facilitation team is on board helping design the details of how this process will unfold.


Bloom Regenerative Solutions Day – UN International Mother Earth Day

On April 22, 2019, Bloom will host a Regenerative Solutions Day, with participants from the conference and Bloom Network around the world invited to participate in local regenerative actions. In the Bay Area, likely activities include permaculture garden builds, tiny home shelters, and fire disaster repair. It will be a celebration of positive action toward regenerative cultures and communities. We will broadcast stories from these actions globally across all available media outlets in collaboration with the UN, to encourage people everywhere to take action toward regenerating society.




Key themes


Collective Wisdom

Creating spaces for and sharing collective wisdom is a unifying arc throughout Bloom Network. How can we best make wise collective decisions and take wise collective action together? What are the tools we have on hand to help enable this? And what are ways to support the protection and respect of traditional wisdom, as we collectively share ways to be together that are deeply life serving?

This theme will explore frameworks for collaboration networks across industries, sectors, scales and differing belief systems, to move through today’s complex problems. Tools include wise democracy, conflict resolution, arts based research tools, decentralization, and many other facets of emergent group wisdom. Creating more regenerative cultures is dependent on not just having the answers now, but also the capacity to generate wise answers together on an ongoing basis as circumstances change.


Global Justice

Global justice is about decolonizing our global power structures to empower equitable leadership and resource sharing. Some central goals of Bloom Network in this area are to support collective liberation and care for our bioregions. The planetary scale, whole-systems container presented at this conference is designed to shed light into the silo barriers which still hold people in oppression and inequality related to race, gender, class, religious and political constructs.

This working group will look at how to leverage large scale collaboration across social movements and sectors, to improve localized adoption of just, equitable community leadership. From conflict resolution to restorative justice to local production by minority-owned businesses and more.


Community Health

Pollination will take a strong focus on community health, with both the way the conference is facilitated and with how this track looks at the dimensions of health in society. This topic will be interwoven with insights from social justice and equality, highlighting solutions to empower communities to support their health and that of their bioregions.

It will look at preventative health practices that provide low cost, community-building opportunities for health at home and in the workplace. Bloom is inclusive of the recovery and protection of ancestral health practices, ecopsychology, and holding space for deep ways of knowing and sensing. Psychedelic integration has historically been part of what brings people to this network. We’ll also explore health offerings that reverse the systemic oppression that contributes to violence and disease.  Lastly, we will not shy away from acknowledging the metaphysical and spiritual realities that underpin community healing for many of us.


Sustainable Technology

Coordinating up to date technologies and research in sustainable technology is a critical focus of Pollination. Participants will survey a large-scale view of this content area, with an introduction to recent advances in energy, materials science, and governance technologies which support regenerative society. Examples of this include community-owned solar and wind power, decentralized energy technologies such as biogasification, liquid democracy and other governance innovations presented by blockchain technologies, and sustainable packaging.

While these tools are scaling up in pockets of culture, they could be more widely and quickly adopted at appropriate scale. This working group will look at pathways that could be leveraged to accelerate proven solutions, and how to take action toward them over the 6 months following Pollination.


Creative Arts

Artists, media professionals, makers, and creative activists will come together in this stream to dream up how to share regenerative inspiration across the planet. The sky is the limit for what we can conceive of together to instigate action and bring light to places of shared empathy.

Outcomes of this working group could include a monthly mixtape of visionary activist music to circulate throughout Bloom Network and connected networks, or an interdisciplinary group to support artists’ work and provide financial pathways that don’t yet exist in the current gallery and academic ecosystem. What happens if we put artists in all of the topic tracks, to support creative thinking and embodied understanding? Let’s find out! Please bring your creative spark to Pollination and the Action Incubator, whatever that looks like to you.


Peer-to-Peer Economy

The peer-to-peer economy is a model of economic exchange where individuals or organizations interact to buy and sell goods directly with each other, without the need for third-party intermediaries like banks or companies. The slow and steady emergence of increasingly decentralized and human-centered ways of creating, making and exchanging goods and services is collapsing established economic monopolies and overriding the status quo. There is significant potential for bringing the tools and means of production, power and agency in economic networks back to the people, and now is the time to make the most of these opportunities and build better, more functional economic futures.

Bloom Network will explore cooperatives, leading-edge applications of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, collaborative consumption, and other distributed and sharing oriented economic infrastructure. We’ll also practice ways of making and doing that contribute to the growth of a stable and healthy decentralized, regenerative economy.


Earth Stewardship

Earth Stewardship is about positively contributing to care of the earth. It incorporates environmental activism, deep ecology, conservation biology, permaculture, community forestry and other endeavors increasing our nurture of the planet we depend on to survive.

Participants will learn what networking and backbone organizations are working in this space, what large-scale institutional support may be available, and identify key opportunities for growing their impact in collaboration.

This theme includes regenerative agriculture approaches to farming and food systems such as: regenerating topsoil, increasing biodiversity, improving food security and fostering resilience. These agricultural approaches are important in a changing climate, and they strengthen the health and vitality of farming and food production communities.


Why attend?


  • Meet and connect with 200+ other passionate and mobilized regenerative culture leaders
  • Learn about the diversity of regenerative initiatives happening around the world
  • Take part actively in an immersive event centered on think tanks, break out sessions, idea generation and innovation, and practical mentorship
  • Develop regenerative culture solutions to global challenges which you can take away and work on your communities after Pollination
  • Celebrate the successful implementation or progress of your regenerative culture projects at our Bloom Regenerative Solution Day on UN International Earth Day


Who will you meet?

The Bloom Action Incubator and Pollination will host over 200 regenerative culture leaders throughout the conference and broader incubator program including:


Artists, designers, makers, storytellers, creators of all kinds

Futurists and foresight practitioners

Conservation ecologists and scientists

Restorative justice networks

Decolonization mentors

Conflict mediators

Activism strategy experts

Cooperative networks

Healers and visionaries

R&D finance pipeline experts

Impact investors

Steady state and circular economists

Open source and creative commons community

Collaborative and sharing economy pioneers

Blockchain and cryptocurrency developers

Product designers and developers

Sustainability focused food producers

Lawyers supporting indigenous rights and land protection

Healthcare practitioners for systemic change

Intergenerational trauma healers

Transpersonal psychologists and ecopsychologists

Leaders and members of the maker movement

Sustainable technology designers and makers

Supply chain and business development experts

Data scientists

Machine learning and artificial intelligence developers

Policy makers

Ethical business model innovators

Media professionals


Confirmed Collaborators and Speakers:


Pollination collaborators confirmed to date include regenerative culture leaders such as: Amanda Ravenhill, Tom Atlee, Audrey Tang, Nora Bateson, Michael Maine, Mira Melaluca, Kathia Laszlo, Will Kleidon, Ohnmar Khin, Fyodor Ovchinnikov, Daisy Ozim, Manuel Maqueda, Kristian Simsarian, Uvinie Lubecki, Sam Smith, Carolyn Baker, Daniel Christian Wahl, Maya Zuckerman, and Lorenzo Kristov.


Confirmed Sponsors and Partners
Aragon, New Stories, Resilient Wellness, Buckminster Fuller Institute, Blockchain for Social Justice, NorCal Resilience Network, Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory, Social Innovation Collective, and Collective Creativity.


About the Bloom Pollination Team

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To contribute:

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We hope you’ll be able to join us!


The Bloom Pollination Crew