Every Pollination ticket comes with a year-long membership to Bloom Network. We will use these online tools to collaborate and share resources leading up to the conference, and to facilitate deeper networking and action during and through it.

The Global Change Collective is an AI powered digital network connecting thought leaders, influencers and senior professionals from around the world passionate about preserving our planet.

The advanced AI matching technology intelligently maps people within the platform based on their skills and expertise. So now you can ask questions of the GCC network, create projects, post events, and instantly be matched to the right people with the right knowledge to help you.

By signing up to the GCC you will be able to intelligently search for and connect with other members attending Bloom Pollination and start collaborating before, during, and after the conference.

Bloom Network wiki: Share and find tools for regenerative culture, such as how-to’s, best practices, and other informational resources. The wiki is publicly viewable, and member-editable.

video chat

Video calls: Curated and self-organized group video sessions support networking across existing initiatives and people. Pollination attendees and Bloom Network members have the opportunity to submit requests for specific trainings or dialogues, and offer to teach or facilitate them. Hosted via Zoom.

You can also become a member independently of attending the conference!

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